Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winter Happenings

The frenzy of the last few weeks is finally settling down and I once again have some time to sit down and write.
 I've been desperately trying to get a pair of socks finished up for my sister and a vest for my husband (which won't be done).
 The most recent project on the needles is this quick version of the Eoghan's Knot Sweater. This project is for a preschool mom that won an auction last year for a hand knit sweater by me. I am trying to be as quick as possible so I've omitted the cabled front, but the sweater still features the moss stitch on the front and back. The yarn is also a custom work for her. I wanted something bold and bright, and so far I've gotten approving comments from every girl that has seen me knitting it! 

I also purchased some new needles that I am very excited about. I thought nothing could be better than my Hiya Hiya interchangeable set, but I recently purchased stainless steel needles made by ChiaGoo and wow I am in love! 

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Store Chatter

Wondering what I've been up to lately?
  • Knit two shawls (pattern coming)
  • Knit a skirted soaker
  • Knit a newborn set
  • Finished a 191 skein order!
  • Managed to live through Black Friday and have nearly all of those orders shipped out by now
  • In my “free” time I have been working on a new website. But it is very slow going.
New Shawl Design