Friday, July 20, 2012


Just returned from a four day trip to the beach. My uncle was visiting from Russia and we wanted to show him the Oregon Coast. I found this to be the perfect opportunity to photograph the new cardigan I have been working on.

Elliot has been very difficult to photograph, he doesn't let me sneak up on him anymore, and instead of looking off in the distance with a dreamy look he gives me his best "pirate smile" as we call it. I finally did manage some photos but boy it was hard work!

I really like this cardigan because of how highly functional it is, and it fits him perfectly. I also used something called a sand stitch which really is a reverse of the moss stitch. The stitch is very purly on the right side but I think it makes it a pretty good thermal fabric.

For the collar I used a series of short rows to make the collar wider in the back. This way it covers up his neck. 
I also sewed on the top button so actually this is more like a pullover than a cardigan, but my son likes it better this way since it avoids doing buttons. 

Stitch and shoulder seam closeup.

Oh and did I mention it is knitted from the bottom up with a sleeve gusset? Yep! Its kind of a fun design.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Nightwings & camping

We spent a long weekend over the Fourth of July holiday camping by a lake named "Big Lake" - how original eh?

Aside from the swarms of mosquitos that threatened to eat us alive the camping trip was a great success. We did lots hiking and canoeing and chilling while the kids covered themselves in dirt from head to toe. Oh how I love summer.

While camping I had a chance to take some nice photos of my latest shawl, as a friend suggested the name Nightwings just stuck and now I cannot wait to get it all tested out and published.