Thursday, April 26, 2012

Love all around

Yesterday I turned 30. After a mental breakdown the eve of my birthday I woke up in a surprisingly wonderful mood. My birthday passed without a glitch and I can turn my house into a floral shop at the moment!
One thing I realized as I was getting ready for my birthday in the passing weeks is how much I wanted to make sure that I got the chance to spend some time with my knit circle ladies. I have grown attached and fostered some amazing bonds with them. I am going on my third year of meeting there weekly.
I think my favorite part is how diverse our backgrounds are. No offense to my mommy-friends but it is refreshing to have friendships outside the immediate motherhood bond. I believe pretty much all of them are mothers, but some of their children are as old as me.

So hear! hear! I wish to raise a glass to my wonderful amazing and loving knit night ladies.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival Recap

After a 5am wake up call from the kids we were packed and ready to go around 8am. We stopped for a nice breakfast at the bakery and then hit the road. As we were going down I-5 it dawned on me that the fixture store was about to open and I needed to do some last minute shopping. Scott was a trooper and drove the trailer through the SE industrial area.
We made it to the show in good time and I began setting up. I had some trouble with my equipment, at some point my display wall even collapsed but after using some zip ties we were all good to go. In retrospect I don't think I setup my booth with the best flow possible, but it was okay.

Reid enjoying the view from our room, I'm so glad I asked for a first floor room!

I had a nice open corner for a booth, but unfortunately my booth placement was such that the sun was shining right in through large windows and making it impossible to see my yarn (think of looking at something when the sun is shining at you behind it. I really need to consider purchasing some lighting if I am to do more shows.
I definitely think that the lighting issue hurt me as I only sold two skeins from the wall that was most affected by the lighting, even though it was my most prominent display and held the most gorgeous yarn (in my opinion).

The first photo is the back wall of my display, you can see how brilliantly lit it is, but unfortunately it was facing he back door and no one could see it. On the right is the photo of my most prominent display, I was shocked that I only sold two skeins from it. During the yarn crawl I sold out of these yarns, but then again I was also sitting right underneath a sky light that was truly showing off how sleek and silky the cashmere blend is.

But that's what doing shows is all about, you live and learn, and next time I won't make the same mistakes. 
Of course my biggest downfall is that I'm not a sales person. I am more than happy to talk with customers and help them choose the perfect yarn for their project. And of course I can talk about yarn and dyeing and knitting all day long. But I am always so fearful of making  my customers feel uncomfortable. I don't want to come off like a pushy car salesman. That is just not who I am.

Overall the show was a great success and I was so excited to see repeat customers and I got to talk to so many wonderful people that love to knit! It seriously warmed my heart when a few women waltzed into my shop and said "Oh we love Blissful Knits"!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Club Spoilers

Warning! Warning! Warning!

This is a photo spoiler of the April Downton Abbey Club.

The theme for this month was the perfect romance; the heart twisting love story between Matthew and Mary.
The colorway was low immersion dyed and features deep blues with hints of purple and light maroon.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Yarn club review

So I'll admit it, while I have offered my own clubs and had dyed for other club owners, I have not actually participated in a club myself before.
Imagine my delight when Jenn from Woolgirl sent me a package of her latest club, one which I dyed the featured yarn for!

Everything arrived in a medium sized post office priority box. The goodies were neatly wrapped with a hand written note and a club themed card. Inside the box I also found the included patterns each listing my yarn (squee!)

Inside a little hand decorated matchbox I found tiny treasures and a princess stitch marker. You can see that the main clear bag also included a hand sawn project bag. Its of a really great quality and is double lined. I've already appropriated it to keep all the sock yarn bits I have left from various projects.

So I am totally smitten!