Thursday, January 31, 2013

Its been too long

Oh boy my poor neglected blog, I cannot believe how long I have left you alone and sad collecting dust.... Summer came and went and with the craziness of getting ready for the fall and holiday season I simply forgot to post regular updates. For the new year I have started two long-term projects.

The first is a weather scarf. Every day I make note of the weather/the sky and knit a color based on my observations. A dear friend did this project last year and it came out fabulous.

white - white colors
light gray - light gray colors
dark gray - dark/rainy/stormy colors
blue - clear blue skies
orange - adventure days
I wanted to add some color to the scarf, so the orange is going to signify days where we have adventures, be it hiking, or skiing or perhaps doing something enjoyable and wonderful and out of the ordinary.

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful colors! I like your twist on this project idea. I like wearing sky colors, and I love the adventure days for highlights in the year.