Monday, July 5, 2010

It must be summer

First camping trip of the year was a mixed success. Within a few hours of us setting up camp the rain started, it forced us into an early bedtime, and we woke up to a leaky tent. Both kids had a rough time adjusting, Reid was up crying at 4am and would not go back to sleep. Elliot woke up multiple times, I think because he was confused. With all of our gear soaking wet, we decided to make the drive back to town to get some breakfast.

From that point on things started improving, the kids slept better, and the rain stopped. We got to soak in some natural hot springs, eat yummy fire cooked food, hang out by the fire, fish, and hike.

I'm not a big fan of knitting by the fire, mostly because I don't want to have to worry about getting that campfire smell out. But I did do lots of knitting in the car. I started working on a new pattern for a leafy lace shawl. Its a pretty intricate pattern requiring a lot of complicated stitch combinations on both sides of the shawl.

I'm having technical difficulties with the photos from this trip. Hopefully I will have some new pictures soon.

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