Monday, October 18, 2010

As busy as ever and new colorways!

The Julian vest pattern comes out tomorrow. I'm crazy busy getting ready for the release. I still need to review the pattern one last time and then publish it on Ravelry. I was going to wait until tomorrow morning, but with us having to leave for preschool in the morning I really should have everything ready to go.

I had a very busy day and then I still managed to dye up some yarn after the kids were in bed. I did a new "apple orchard" kettle dyed colorway, a fairly solid "cinnamon" and the ever popular "full bloom". Too bad I won't have time to dry and photograph the yarns for tomorrow's stocking. I seem to do a lot of mini stockings rather than bigger ones. Maybe my new goal will be to wait until I have a whole bunch of stuff saved up.

I have worked with all of the new bases now and I am really enjoying the process of learning how different yarns take up dye. I do have some new things coming up tomorrow, "bewitched" "Esmeralda" and "Phoebe".

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