Monday, October 4, 2010

The Life of a WAHM

Its minutes before the store goes live and I have a few last changes to make. But the baby is fussing and I simply cannot get anything accomplished. I've been up since 6am and coffee is still an hour away and I want to squeeze in a shower.
The three year old is bouncing off the wall, insisting on aggravating the baby over and over again despite my desperate pleas for him to be gentle with his baby brother.
Yes its one of those mornings.... And did I mention I'm trying to get a pattern out?

Finally, 8:50am and I hear a knock on the door. I breathe a deep breath and let the sitter in. Today she's my saving grace and I escape the chaos. Three hours of peace. I sit and sip my coffee. Finishing up patterns and updating the blog. I hear a screaming child at the coffee shop and for once I smile.

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